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The Folding Chair, A Staple Of Entertaining Season, Undergoes A Makeover

ANTIQUES; Bamboo, Real Or Fake

In the past there havent been good options or alternatives, said Jessica Arnold, senior furniture category manager for CSN Stores, an online retailer that offers around 100 folding chair options. Manufacturers are making more viable and attractive options and people are going toward that, she continued, adding, They may be spending 10 or 15 dollars more, but it looks great and its not something theyre embarrassed to take out. Noting that November and December are peak seasons for folding chair purchases, Ms. Arnold said even though the company is only about halfway through that period, shes already seen CSNs biggest supplier, Stakmore, surpass 2009 sales. She credits this in part to homeowners downsizing and moving to smaller spaces. Where seven- and nine-piece dining room sets were popular previously, Ms. Arnold said shes now seeing consumers trend toward more five-piece sets, creating a need for extra seating. View full size Photo Courtesy of CSNSTORES.COMStakmore Lattice Back Wood Folding Chairs are constructed of solid hardwoods with a steel folding mechanism and padded upholstered seat; $126 for a set of two at CSNStores.com. Many of CSNs top sellers are traditional wooden chairs with fabric seats that resemble dining room furnishings, she said, but shes observed new entries into the marketplace including romantic French country designs, comfortable chairs with padded, leather seats and backs, and pieces featuring sleek, contemporary patterns and colors. Suppliers are trying to appeal to people with different aesthetics, she observed. RANGE OF PRICES Todays folding chairs range in price from the traditional steel models from National Public Seating costing under $20, to Stakmore chairs retailing for around $126 for a set of two, and sleek black chairs from dCor design that cost more than $550 each. If spending money on folding chairs doesnt fit into the pre-holiday budget, you still can make the area around the table stylish by camouflaging offending temporary seating. Consider slipcovers to cover old folding chairs, or even give a fresh look to fading dining room chairs. Sure Fit offers casual Cotton Duck folding chair covers in neutral shades for under $10 each. You might also consider the companys covers in holiday colors of garnet, sage or chocolate at under $20, to give mismatched kitchen or dining chairs a uniform look. View full size Photo Courtesy of CNSTORES.COMThe SurfaceWorks Zii Folding Chair in Folkstone has a heavy-duty steel frame and folds to only four inches deep for maximum space savings; $219 at CSNstores.com. Another way to breathe new life into old chairs is with spray paint.
Locate all the full material on this site - http://www.silive.com/homegarden/interiordesign/index.ssf/2010/11/pull_up_a_seat_in_style.html

Ask a Designer: How to maximize seating for entertaining

For those without huge rooms, that can be challenging. Here, Burnham and designers Brian Patrick Flynn and Kyle Schuneman offer advice on maximizing seating without sacrificing style. STEALTH SEATING "I'm a big fan of vintage ottomans, stools and sturdy side tables like stumps for this exact purpose," says Schuneman, author of "The First Apartment Book: Cool Design for Small Spaces" (Clarkson Potter, 2012). These pieces can work as tables or storage surfaces, he says, then occasionally serve "as extra seating for game nights or casual gatherings around the coffee table." Benches can work the same way. Schuneman suggests buying two benches that coordinate nicely with the decor of your living room, and then placing them at the foot of beds in your home. When extra seating is needed, "you can easily pull them out for the holidays and bigger dinners," he says. "What I often do is use an upholstered or hardy wood storage ottoman on casters instead of a coffee table in the sofa area," he says. "Inside the storage ottoman, I keep floor cushions. When it's time for guests, the ottoman can be wheeled just about anywhere as extra seating, and the floor cushions allow guests to lounge." Burnham points out that using ottomans or benches may be more appropriate in a casual family room or great room than in a more formal living room. But even for formal spaces, an elegant ottoman can work: "Done well, it's a beautiful way to bring another fabric into your space," she says. CHAIRS FROM ELSEWHERE Flynn often uses a mixture of different chairs and benches at a dining room table year-round, rather than a matching set.
View the resource material on this site: http://www.mercurynews.com/real-estate-131220/ci_22130759/ask-designer-how-maximize-seating-entertaining

2chair1181.jpg In the 20th century, it was the French and the Italians who really took up the cause of bamboo as a decorative element, especially the French designer Jacques Adnet, a genius of the 1940's and 1950's. ''He was working at a time when France ruled over Southeast Asia, and everything about the region was fascinating to the French,'' said Catherine de Beyrie, a partner in Galerie de Beyrie, at 393 West Broadway, near Spring Street, in SoHo, where Adnet is a house specialty. ''Everybody wanted to go to Indochina. It was the ultimate destination of the day.'' For those who could not make the trip, Adnet provided a way to bring a bit of the Orient home, but in a luxurious way that exemplified nearly everything stylish in the 1950's, when French magazines were full of photographs of Far Eastern beauties like the wife of Bao Dai, the Vietnamese emperor. Adnet took bamboo and transmogrified the motif into leather and brass.
You'll find the complete information over at: http://www.nytimes.com/1998/04/10/arts/antiques-bamboo-real-or-fake.html?pagewanted=2

That Awkward Moment When Your Folding Chairs Are Nicer Than Your Regular Chairs

Name them after topics like catering, an upcoming event you're planning, or anything else that you want. Go to the idea books section of your profile to view your saved ideas, curate your idea books, and share your idea books with your colleagues, clients, and friends! view slide show By Lisa Cericola | Posted May 17, 2007, 4:28 PM EDT NEW YORK Bargain: Instead of traditional ballroom chairs, go rustic with twiggy folding seats. Made of sturdy bamboo with rattan-wrapped corners, these chairs offer a touch of the exoticand at less than $10 each ($8.95 at Party Rental Ltd. , or $6 from Something Different Party Rental , theyre a steal. Mid-Price: For sleek, modern seating, Taylor Creative Props offers the classic Bellini chair in a new glossy finish. Available in red, white, and black for $25 each, the chairs have graced recent events for Swarovski and the Guggenheim Museum. Splurge: An over-the-top design might call for a customized chair. Something Different Party Rental offers a dining chair that can be reupholstered in any fabric so the seating can match the rest of the decor. The chairs start at $100 each (in white vinyl, as shown); custom covers run an additional $50 per chair, plus the cost of fabric. The simple wooden frames come in dark mahogany or painted silver.
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Beyond the Chiavari Chair

Case in point: the Folding Chair, designed by Virginia-based studio Monstrans . Despite its unassuming name, Monstrans latest work breathes new life into a familiar object, particularly one designed to hide behind closet doors. Monstrans Folding Chair wears its heart on its sleeve: it visibly touts its ability to retract into a singular flat plane and boasts an easy-to-carry system of handles. Cushioned felt pads cover just the right amount of area to make for a comfortable sitting experience, and magnets hold the pivoting wood pieces in place when the chair is flattened and not in use. To top it all off, the chair is made from recyclable bamboo. This folding chair might be too much of a conversation piece to stow away. [ shoebox dwelling ] - Kelly Chan
You can look for the complete posting at: http://blogs.artinfo.com/objectlessons/2012/05/23/that-awkward-moment-when-your-folding-chairs-are-nicer-than-your-regular-chairs/

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