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My Condolences, You Just Won The Florida Lottery

Reclining Dudes

I don't mean some grandfather figure in a rumpled suit who radiates warmth and wisdom. Hire a lawyer with the eyes of a cobra and the disposition of a barracuda, because lottery winners are lightning rods for lawsuits. Did you or Bob ever give a buddy an IOU? If so, the guy's lawyer will be in touch soon. Then there's the neighbor who claims she tripped over your lawn sprinkler last year. Her lower back pain started the day you claimed the jackpot. A modest out-of-court settlement for, say, half a million should have her up and around in no time, thank you very much. Next you'll need a travel agent to help you escape when things get really crazy.
This guide is available from one of my own favored blogging sites: http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/1988-06-05/news/0040360125_1_josie-things-to-share-lottery-winners

Wholesale Wedding Samsonite Folding Chair Cover - White

Now that your new and improved 21st-century wardrobe is coming into focus, what furniture should you wear with it? Think Poul Kjaerholm. O.K., say it slowly: POLE KYAIR-holm (and you thought ''Nicolas Ghesquiere'' was hard). Kjaerholm, the Danish architect and furniture designer of the 1960's, is riding high again. Now that the Beau Brummels of the beau monde have finished flirting with his Scandinavian Swank brethren, like Verner Panton and Arne Jacobsen, they're ready for a serious relationship. A love and a style that lasts. Dare we say, something finely boned and classically hip? Something worth the ultimate commitment? Call it Cerebral Chic. The chairs, tables and sofas Kjaerholm churned out from 1948, when he won a silver medal for a walnut and oak bureau as an apprentice cabinetmaker, to 1980, when he died at 51, have an intellectual rigor belying the groovy overtones of their decades of production. Even their names express a refreshing belief in practicality over fantasy: each piece begins with ''PK'' (his initials), followed by a number for the form (from 0 to 9, for small chairs without armrests, to 90 to 99, for folding stools). Born to a shopkeeper father and photographer mother, Kjaerholm was blessed with the kind of Brylcreem good looks that cry out for a Vespa.
Kudos to: http://www.nytimes.com/2002/03/10/magazine/reclining-dudes.html

White lightning

SM-still.jpg Know when to buy Take the g... Read More Yahoo! Shopping Sales used to be relatively predictable. A popular 1975 book could say with assurance that luggage went on sale in March and the best month to buy a baby car... Read More Consumer Reports Have you ever found yourself saying, "I just have to have that yogurt machine"? So did these designers, who confess they too bought home accessories that the... Read More House Beautiful
The full details available in this article: http://shopping.yahoo.com/810626701-wholesale-wedding-samsonite-folding-chair-cover-white/

And for those same decades the furniture has been hidden away in closets and garages until it was absolutely necessary to get it out and use it. Today's folding furniture, however, is anything but plain. It is now beautiful enough -- and sturdy enough -- to be used every day and serve as a designer solution for space-challenged homes. Meco's Innobella brand takes pride in its beautiful and innovative solutions in wood, wicker and other materials, said Bob Hebner, director of marketing for Meco. Its Nichola collection, for example, has eliminated the standard "Y" mechanism associated with folding furniture to make it look more like traditional, nonfolding furniture. In its place is a hidden, patent-pending mechanism that enables the legs to collapse and fold out of sight. Made of wood and woven wicker and larger than most folding furniture, the collection won a design award for its innovative look earlier this year at the Housewares Design Awards coordinated by the International Housewares Association, Hebner said.
You will look for the whole posting at: http://www.reviewjournal.com/life/home-and-garden/its-simple-open-shut-case

It's a simple open, shut case

3437852.jpg When Prohibition made such enterprises illegal, the moonshiners kept on working. Its said that Al Capone supplied his speakeasies with shine produced by Cooper Melton at the Short Mountain spring. Cannon Countys unofficial industry gained further notoriety when Uncle Dave Macon sang of it from the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. In March 2012, though, the industry found itself back on the right side of the law when Short Mountain Distillery began production as the states sixth licensed distillery, offering authentic 105 proof Tennessee moonshine. The Kaufman brothers, Billy, Ben and David, own the distillery operating at the farm. Josh Smotherman is the head of production, using a large 250-gallon copper still and modern production methods. But the recipe hes using has been crafted and perfected over generations by three of Cannon Countys premier moonshiners. Billy Kaufman said, When we opened, we already had 150 years of distilling experience thanks to these three guys. Ricky Estes, Jimmy Simpson and Ronald Lawson all traded in the thrill of illegal wildcatting to work with Short Mountain Distillery.
This material is based around: http://www.crossville-chronicle.com/features/x295450977/White-lightning

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