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Repurpose Wooden Pallets Into Folding Chairs

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Instructables user Schooniedude shares full details and step-by-step construction photos at the source link below, but what you're basically doing is cutting down boards from pallets, making the frame of the chair, adding the seat and backrest portions with rows of smaller cuts, adding two nuts and bolts to make it into a folding chair, and sanding every surface well. The only necessary tools are a drill, a saw of some sort, and a good supply of sandpaper. This will make a folding lounge chair with a low seat that is very similar to a beach chair. Edit: reader AmphetamineCrown has pointed out a design flaw in that the slats are under the frame instead of of top and also that for proper sturdiness screws should be used instead of nails. Thanks!
See all the full details right here - http://lifehacker.com/5920862/repurpose-wooden-pallets-into-folding-chairs

Flat Pack Chair Cut From A Single Piece Of Wood [Pics]

Monstrans-Leo-Salom-Folding-Chair-carry W & back size is 18 3/4 in. W x 7 1/2 in. H, & overall chair size is 20 in. L X 18 in. W X 29 in. H. Combinations color for folding chairs include black/black, blue/gray, burgundy/black, bright/white. Features include injection-molded polypropylene shell with rounded edges supported by an 18 gal. steel square leg frame with 14 gal. cross braces. Stack vertically up to 12 high for 6 ft. 8 in. door clearance. Colors include black, blue, burgundy, & sand. Brand Names: KI Coastal Woodworking - Nobleboro, ME Manufacturer, Service Company Manufacturer of standard & custom wood products including wood folding chairs. Additional products include wooden packaging & point of purchases displays.
To get the earlier release as well as all ancillary photographs or video, you should visit: : http://www.thomasnet.com/products/chairs-folding-wood-13400650-1.html

@yiiee Designer Leo Salom has created the Folding Chair for Monstrans based on a simple concept. The wooden chair folds completely flat to look like its been cut from a single plate of wood. The industrial design of the chair is clean and modern. The chair comes with a padded seat and also a cut-out handle for comfort and portability. Its ideal for small living spaces as the chairs can be folded and stacked somewhere out of sight. In addition, its compact and minimal design can easily blend into any home decor and interior. See more photos of the chair in the gallery below:
You can find the whole article at: http://www.psfk.com/2013/05/flat-foldable-wooden-chair.html

Wood Folding Chairs Suppliers

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Kudos to this web page: http://www.thomasnet.com/products/folding-chairs-13400601-1.html

Wooden folding chair leads to ceremony honoring Civil War vet

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Thanks to this webpage: http://www.waltontribune.com/news/article_1277097a-3dee-11e3-be69-001a4bcf887a.html

How Did Egyptian Folding Chairs End Up in Northern Germany?

A Bronze Age folding chair found in northern Germany and now in Hamburg "The elites throughout Europe were in communication at the time," says Bernd Zich, an archaeologist from Halle, adding that luxury goods were exchanged across great distances "usually on foot." A Sudden Fashion Craze in the North Such goods were apparently passed on from tribe to tribe and from region to region in a type of relay. But things were somehow different with the folding chairs. While they were used in the Orient and the far north, none of these folding chairs have been found in a wide swath of land between the two regions, either among the inhabitants of stilt houses in the Alps or among the Bronze Age residents of Italy and France. Is it possible, then, that a northern trader made the long journey from the Baltic Sea to Egypt, stole the design and brought it back home? As farfetched as the idea might seem, it is certainly plausible. Archaeologists have recently concluded that there were long-distance scouts more than 3,000 years ago who brought tin from Germany's Erz Mountains all the way to Sweden. They probably traveled in oxcarts on dirt roads. Such ancient caravans probably also traveled along southern routes heading toward Africa. Scholars are also determining the dates of such knowledge transfers. Egypt became a major power under Thutmose III (1479 to 1426 B.C.), whose armies reached the borders of modern-day Turkey. This changed the flows of goods. Even the Greek mainland fell under the spell of the pharaohs. It was precisely at this time that a messenger from the North Sea coast could have been in Egypt and copied the chair's design onto papyrus. Starting in 1400 B.C., the stools started being made in the far north and abruptly became fashionable. It appears that every prince of the moors was suddenly determined to have one of the new thrones from the south.
Referrals for this subject material: http://www.spiegel.de/international/zeitgeist/how-did-egyptian-folding-chairs-end-up-in-northern-germany-a-830958.html

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