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How To Choose The Best Folding Camp Chairs

American Flag Camping Chair - Folding Chair

When it comes to folding camp chairs, it's important to consider where it's going to fit. If the space available is long and narrow, then the type of chair that folds up into a tubular sack will be a good choice. If the chairs are going to be stacked on top of other gear in the back of a 4WD, then a chair that folds flat might be best. Keep in mind that while recliner camp chairs are comfortable and versatile, they take up a lot more space. (If in doubt about how much 'stuff' is actually needed, read this advice on what to bring on a camping trip .) 2. Pick the Best Camp Chair for the Purpose It's definitely a matter of horses for courses here. A chair that's going to come in for a lot of rough treatment should be sturdy enough to withstand it. (For example: is the camp chair likely to be dragged across rocks for fishing trips; thrown into the back of the car for frequent camping expeditions, or be subject to plenty of wind, rain and adverse weather conditions?) There's not much point in trying to save money by buying a cheap camp chair if the fabric is going to rot after a couple of camping weekends in the sun. Consider 'extras', too: does the camp chair have any additions that make it more convenient to use? Camping chairs that include flip-up side tables or pockets to store magazines are very popular. It's not only the construction of the chair that is important. Consideration of the size and shape of the person who will be using the chair should be a high priority. The bigger the person, the sturdier the camp chair needs to be. Larger people also find that the kind of camping chairs that fold up into a narrow fabric tube often have cross-bars directly below their thighs, and these can be very uncomfortable. For bigger people, camp chairs that fold up flat tend to be more comfortable. 3.
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Mountain Equipment Trails 'Ridgeline' Folding Camp Chair

The Crazy Creek Air Chair Plus is currently selling for $123.99 on the Everything Summer Camp website. This version of the chair is slightly heavier than its older counterpart (2 lbs. 3 oz. vs. 1 lbs. 6 oz.). This chair is also approx. 5 inches larger on all of its sides than the non-air filled version of the chair. The Air Chair Plus has two air chambers that can be filled with air for comfort. There are two buckles on each side that can be adjusted to create an almost infinite number of seating positions. Campers can adjust the length of the buckles and the amount of air in each chamber in order to find the ideal comfort level. The folding design allows a camper to sit in this chair with only a small fraction of the chair actually touching the ground. This design aspect means that the chair will provide a comfortable place for campers to sit on virtually any type of surface. The Crazy Creek Air Chair Plus can also function as a ground pad that can be placed beneath a camper's sleeping bag to provide warmth and comfort during the night. Everything Summer Camp also sells two versions of the original Crazy Creek camping chair. This chair first became popular because of its portability and ability to provide comfort on even the roughest surfaces.
This info is reported by: http://www.benzinga.com/pressreleases/13/06/p3691562/everything-summer-camp-now-selling-the-crazy-creek-air-chair-plus-foldi

This camping chair also features a durable steel frame and folds up into a compact, portable size.The... More Mountain Equipment Trails 'Ridgeline' Folding Camp ChairCompare Prices Tax & shipping for ZIP code: Amazon.com New Item Description This Ridgeline folding camp chair from Mountain Trails spotlights a 250-pound weight capacity. This camping chair also features a durable steel frame and folds up into a compact, portable size.The length of the chair once folded up is 29 long and about 5.5 in diameter. The height of the chair off the ground is 18.5 inches. Specifications
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Everything Summer Camp Now Selling The Crazy Creek Air Chair Plus Folding Camping Chair

This chair a fun way to express your patriotism. Strong and sturdy, with a carrying case for your convenience. Specifications Quick Glance Find, Compare, Read Reviews & Buy the American Flag Camping Chair - Folding Chair Online @ Yahoo ShoppingWant to see your products in Yahoo Shopping? Advertise with us . Sitemap All Brands
Check out the source data in this article: http://shopping.yahoo.com/890979717-american-flag-camping-chair-folding-chair/

Hi Gear Nevada Camping Chair

1 out of 5 ya pays ya money ya take ya choice 1, 17 August 2010 By dinky (sunderland) Do not but these chairs.Three of the four that I have purchased have literally fallen to pieces.It wasnt worth the cost of the petrol to take back to the store Go for outwell or a quality brand. Be warned !!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 out of 5 utter crap, 31 July 2010 By Arthur Lobon (Wolverhampton) These have the feel of they where knocked together on a friday afternoon, i purchased 4 of these and on our first trip out everyone broke on the arm because there was no washer behind the fixing screw to hold the arms together. i took them back to store and they where changed after a faff when the manager said he had never experienced this problem before, so i took him over to his display chair which had broken in exactly the same place. 4 new chairs after i replaced the fixing screws on the arms with washers and the arms were fine are the people who put these together that tight to fit 2 washers per chair to stop this happening? used the chairs again last weekend and one of the rubber mounts broke this time we are not over the recommended weight for these chairs but they are only really for children at best, ours are now in there rightful place which is the skip 1 out of 5 poor quality, 20 June 2010 By Alstu (Glasgow) Bought 2 of these to go away for a weekend . 1 broke after a few hours use and the arm buckled. the 2nd the seam between the back and the seat ripped an hour later . feels like just throwing money away buying these (even on a deal). 3 out of 5 take a seat, 26 January 2010 By billygoat (mid wales) Bought two of these. Does what it says on the tin and at an unbeatable price. Simple folding chair with the beer can holder with steel frame.
Thanks to this webpage: http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/hi-gear-nevada-camping-chair-p142487

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